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English Nature Guide@Mt.Takao

高尾山は小さな山ですが、イギリス全土と同じ数の植物が住む多様性に満ちた場所として、ミシュラン 三つ星に認定されています。そこでは水や土、微生物、植物、動物がどうやって関わって生態系が成り立っているのでしょうか?


  • ・最低催行人数 : 2名
  • ・最大定員 : 5名
  • ・対象年齢 : なし ※内容によっては小学生以上
  • ・集合、解散の場所と時間 : タカオネ ※ご希望次第で変更可能です
  • ・実施場所 :高尾山周辺 (山頂に行かない場合もあります。登頂ご希望の方はご相談ください。)
  • ・実施者名 : 佐々木薫
  • ・必要な持ち物 : ご予約の際にお知らせします


  • ・料金 :7,000円〜13,500円/1名

    <5時間お弁当付きコース 10,500円>

    <5時間精進料理コース 13,500円>
    人の少ないコースで自然観察、薬王院で参拝、薬王院で精進料理(お寺で発達したベジタリアン料理)「天狗膳」(2,900円 参加費に含まれます)の昼食、ケーブルカーで下山
    ※チームビルディング・アクティビティを含めたプログラムNature of Leadership Leadership of Natureも承っております。(別途相談)

  • ・支払方法 : Paypal(事前振込)


  • ・予約方法 : メール(にNature Guideというタイトルのメールをお送りください
  • ・予約期限 : 2週間前まで
  • ・キャンセルポリシー : 1ヶ月~2週間前(同曜日)10%、2週間~前々日 30%、前日 50%、当日 100%
  • ・その他 : 別途保険料として、お一人様500円がかかります

English details below.

Minimum number of participants: 2
Maximum number of participants: 5
Meeting place and time: Takaone
※Can be changed upon request, or depending the course and season.
Location : Mt. Takao area
※In some cases, we may not go to the summit.
※Please consult with us if you wish to go to the summit.
Guide: Kaoru Sasaki
Required items: To be informed at the time of reservation.

Fee : 7,000-13,500 yen/person
※An additional insurance fee of 500 yen per person will be charged.
Please see the recommended courses below.

<2.5-to-3-hour course: 7,000 yen>
Nature observation in a less crowded area, spring water tasting, Japanese tea made from spring water,  playing in river (summer only)
※We do not go to the summit in this course.

<5-hour course with box lunch 10,500 yen>
Nature observation, visit Yakuoin Temple, climb to the summit, lunch, descend by cable car/lift
※Please pay 490 yen (more than 12-year-old) or 250 yen (less than 12-year-old) for cable car/lift
※Please let us know if you wish to have a vegetarian bento.

<5-hour vegetarian course: 13,500 yen>
Nature observation, visit Yakuoin Temple, Shojin vegetarian lunch “Tengu-zen” (2,900 yen, included in the fee) at Yakuoin Temple, descend by cable car/lift
※Please pay 490 yen (more than 12-year-old) or 250 yen (less than 12-year-old) for cable car/lift
※Shojin cuisine is traditional vegetarian meals provided in temples.

We also offer the program Nature of Leadership Leadership of Nature including team building activities for corporations and communities. (Please contact us for more details).

Payment: Paypal (Please pay in advance.)

For reservations and inquiries: Please send an e-mail to <>.
Reservation deadline : Up to 2 weeks in advance

=== Cancellation policy ==
1 month to 2 weeks before (same day of the week): 10%
2 weeks to 2 days before: 30%
The day before the event: 50%
The day of the event: 100%.
※In case of cancellation, the remaining amount will be returned from Paypal.
※If the organizer decides to cancel the event due to inclement weather, etc., no cancellation fee will be charged. The event may be canceled if the organizer determines at the time of advance consultation or on the day of the event that the event will be dangerous or problematic. In such a case, 100% of the cancellation fee will be charged only on the day of the event.